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Sketch for Survival - House Sparrow

Art and photography coming together to raise funds for wildlife and wildspace conservation. Explorers Against Extinction have run the Sketch for Survival exhibition and auction since 2017 which raises money for conservation projects all around the globe. Anyone can enter and the exhibition celebrates the beauty and wonder of the natural world whilst high lighting the threats that face it. More information can be found on their website here -

My entry this year was of the little House Sparrow, quite common you would think and can be found nesting in your garden however the small bird has been placed on the RSPB Red list because of its declining numbers. It is very easy to help Sparrows, some bird feed in the garden, safe spaces for them to nest or a small bird bath can have a positive impact.

Whilst this years total is yet to be announced I am very proud to be supporting Explorers Against Extinction and so grateful that the drawing sold, adding to the overall amount which will go towards some amazing projects. There were over 3000 entries this year, narrowed down to 250 and then again to 100.

Along with the funds, I hope this piece raises some much needed awareness about the decline of our garden friends and inspires others to give them a little help by leaving out some food or providing shelter for them to nest. I'll end by saying Thank You to the highest bidder and I really hope you love the drawing!

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