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Coloured Pencil Challenge 2021

The coloured pencil challenge is something I originally set up for myself whilst on furlough, just a little something to do every day to make the month go faster however after posting to facebook I received messages from people who were also interested in joining in. With more people wanting to take part, I took suggestions of what they would like to draw and complied a list choosing 28 prompts that had a wide variety of textures and subjects to keep the challenge interesting.

Artists have used this challenge to create daily sketches, beginners to learn about coloured pencil and push themselves out of their comfort zones, children to learn about drawing and adults to help get them through the lockdown. The challenge has been helpful to many people for many different reasons and it has been wonderful seeing all the drawings posted on a daily basis. Here are a few screenshots that I have kindly been given permission to share from some of those who took part in the challenge. You can see all their work on instagram at the following @smart7200, @bjayhus_art_journey and @stacy_atkins_creations.

This collage of Images is by Tracey - a complete beginner who not only did all 28 days but then did it all over again so the drawings were together and could be framed!

We also have @zheve_art over on instagram who completed the challenge with these wonderful little illustrations.

Above on instagram is my work which is at @heidielizabeth7

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