About the Artist

 - Over ten years experience drawing

 - Specialise in Colour pencil and graphite

 - Diploma from London Art College

 - Member of UK Coloured Pencil Society

- Certificate in Colour Pencil from London Art College


Heidi Elizabeth

For those that would like to know a little more about me....​

Drawing has been a hobby I have enjoyed from a very young age, it was always something that primary and high school teachers said I had a "talent" for. I have never believed that I am talented as drawing comes naturally to me and I am always working to perfect my skills, there is always something to improve on and always a goal to work towards. For me, practise and patience is the key to creating a great piece of art.

I find ancient cultures, particularly the Egyptian and Greek, very inspiring. The art that was created on walls and pottery many thousands of years ago, telling stories of people long forgotten about amazes me. A lot of my personal work is based on these cultures and the amazing things they achieved. I would hope that anyone who views my drawings, especially those of the Colosseum and/or Temples would be inspired to travel and see these iconic structures for themselves.

The world is fascinating and full of wonderful places, some of which I have been lucky enough to travel to over the past ten years and through this I have built up a library of reference photos that I use for my personal work. From quiet canals in Venice to the chaotic traffic in Egypt and the beautiful flowers of Greece, the world is full of vibrant colour and this is what I like to try and capture in my art. 

Working with coloured pencil is an absolute joy. The control you have means you can create the finest details and the colour possibilities are endless which makes them a perfect medium for me.


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