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About the Artist

 - Over ten years experience drawing

- Specialise in Colour pencil

- Diploma from London Art College

- Member of UK Coloured Pencil Society

- Certificate in Colour Pencil from London Art College



Heidi Elizabeth

The world is wonderful isn't it. From the deepest red rose to the sandy temples of Egypt and the stunning brown eyes of your beloved pooch, everything is beautiful in its own way. This is what I like to capture in my art, the beauty of the subject in vibrant colour so it almost pops off the page. 

heidi elizabeth studio.JPG

I have drawn for many years, starting in graphite and moving back and forth from coloured pencil. My earliest memories of creating art go right back to the age of 3, standing painting at an easel in nursey making a very messy vase of flowers with poster paints. This passion stayed with me through primary school - winning various art competitions and then through into high school. After leaving school I started selling pop art which proved to be quite popular but this was the days before YouTube and Facebook and so reaching a large audience wasn't as easy as it is now, although I did send some pieces out to Dubai and Australia which was amazing for a 17 year old with a dial up connection!

heidi elizabeth color.jpg

Fast forward 15 or so years - 10 years of travelling and experiencing other cultures inspired me to move away from the black and white pop art and start drawing again - first highly detailed works in graphite and then onto coloured pencil.  This is when I decided to start and take my art further. I enrolled on some long distance courses at London Art College and did these whilst working part time. First completing a Diploma in Drawing and Painting and then moving onto a Coloured Pencil course of which I received a Distinction in both. Following on from the Diploma I became a member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society and was very lucky to take part in their 2019 annual exhibition. 


Drawing has been a life long passion and I feel very lucky to be able to create pieces for clients not only in the UK but abroad too.  I love drawing  and get lost in all the colour and detail and different textures so I am happy to draw most anything. 

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